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Video Retailers

  • Can I get a ForMovies website for my own video store?
  • This offer is currently only available to Vobile Video Retailers. If you would like information on joining Vobile please visit

    See more details from the "Video Retailer" page.
  • How much does it cost to have my own website?
  • Free for all Vobile Video Retailers!

    See more details from the "Video Retailer" page.
  • Can I get my store listed in the "Video Store Locator?"
  • If you have signed up to get your own ForMovies website then your video store will automatically be listed in the "Video Store Locator."

    If you are not currently a ForMovies website owner and your video store is not displaying when using the "Video Store Locator" then "Contact the Webmaster."
  • How can I login and edit my website?
  • To edit your website or account go to the "Site Login" which is located at the bottom of your website.
  • I can't remember my login information?
  • Go to the "Site Login" and select "Forgotten Password". Your password will be emailed to you.
  • How do I add or change my logo?
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Site Maintenance" tab. You will see the logo section where you can browse for your logo on your computer and upload it.
  • Why doesn't my logo show up after I upload it?
  • Sometimes your computer will cache it's images in it's memory. Simply hit the "refresh" button on your browser (if a pop-up appears and mentions that it cannot refresh without resending the information, click "retry").
  • Why does my logo look stretched?
  • All logos are resized to 185px wide by 59px tall. To have your logo appear best have it fit within these dimensions. If you need help with this Contact the ForMovies Webmaster.
  • How can I add or change a message on the "Home Page?"
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Site Maintenance" tab and enter your message or promotion under "Message to Customers."
  • How can I edit my Store Hours and Location?
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Site Maintenance" tab to access Store Hours and Location.
  • How can I add, change, or remove a coupon?
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Coupon" tab to add, change, or remove a coupon.
  • How can I manually add or remove users that have registered for my "Weekly Newsletter?"
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Newsletter" tab to add or remove users.
  • How can I add or change a message to my users on the Weekly Newsletter?
  • After you "Login" (see above), click the "Newsletter" tab to add or remove messages in your "Weekly Newsletter".
  • How can I get more users to my site?
  • There are lots of ways to increase traffic to your site:

    1) Make sure to register your site with the major search engines.

    Here are a few direct links to submit your site to: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    Even though Nu View Video is registered with these search engines, it is a good idea to register your personal site as well.

    2) Hand out in store material advertising your site; put fliers in your dvd sleeves, have material at the checkout counter, etc. Let your customers know you have a website and what the URL is (!

    3) Keep your coupons, store hours, and address up to date.

    4) Make sure to have your website address on any advertising material such as newpaper, magazines, phonebooks, etc.
  • No. Currently you cannot upload any advertising to your site.

    You can however use the "Home Page" and "Weekly Newsletter" to display custom messages to your users (see above). These can include in-store specials and promotions.